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 2.1.4 Poultry netting covered with small mesh

We cover the higher electrified fence (108CM to 150cm high) with a layer of small mesh, so that the fence can protect poultry. The existence of electrifying effect of electrifying wires can prevent foreign animals such as fox, wolf and dog from invading and protect the safety of poultry; The existence of small mesh nets can prevent smaller poultry from escaping out of the fence. The side length of the mesh we use is between 3.5cm and 6.0CM, and the mesh in the horizontal and vertical direction or diamond direction is used.


在高度较高的电子围栏网(108CM至150cm高)上,覆盖一层小孔网,这样围栏可以保护家禽。通电导线的通电效应的存在,可以防止狐狸、狼、狗等外来动物入侵,保护家禽的安全;小孔网的存在可以防止家禽钻出围栏。我们使用的小孔网的网格边长在3.5cm到6.0CM之间,使用横竖方向 或菱形方向的网格。


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