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 Work Process

Our step-by-step work process is as following:

1.step: Quotation
After we receive enquiry and drawings, weˇŻll send you a free-charged quotation for our customers

2. step: Sample Production and Test
- model and tools manufacturing (if necessary)
- establish the production process
- establish the measurement technique
- sample tested
- improve the production process and measurement technique
- manufacture the special measurement tools for the product

3.step: Sample Test by Customer
- send samples to customers
- tested by customer, establish the measurement points

4. step: Bulk Production
- tested by provider
- tested by customer
- Quality controll and production process controll by our senior engineer

5.step: Delivery
Following arts are available:
-FOB, incl. package
-CIF, incl. package
- Doot to door, incl. package

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